Cangzhou City JunchiWeiye Chemical Co.,Ltd

Cangzhou City Junchiweiye Chemical Co., LTD., established in January 2004, is a special chemical company taking R&D and sales of main material(TDI,MDI,PPG), additives, catalysts and process modifiers for polyurethane foam product as core business, and the leading supplier of in the Fertilizer industry and Chemical industry.

Hot Products

    • TDI 80

      TDI 80

      TDI 80/20 Applications : Raw material for producing polyurethane fom plastics, elastomer, painting, adhesive and sealant, etc. Packing : To be kept in closed steel drums, net weight : 250 ± 0.5kg

    • Melamine Powder

      Melamine Powder

      MELAMINE Usage: Melamine is a widely used basic organic chemical intermediate product, the most important use is the production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF) as raw materials. Melamine can also be used as flame retardant, water reducing agent, formaldehyde cleaning agent. PACKING: IN...