Magnesium Sulfate Triahydrate

Magnesium Sulfate Triahydrate

Magnesium Sulfate Triahydrate

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Magnesium Sulfate Triahydrate 

1).Magnesium sulfate for agriculture

Huminrich magnesium sulfate fertilizer is the best fertilizer for the magnesium deficiency crops and soil. The main feature is good solubility. stable and no effect of the solid PH value.  It works even more significant as base fertilizer. additional fertilizer and floar spraying. it can improve the crop output greatly.

2).Magnesium sulfate for stock raising

Huminrich magnesium sulfate is also a good feed additive,have a good supplementary of S and Mg elements for animals. which can supply enough magnesium sulfate to promote the growth of animals.

3). Magnesium sulfate used in the industrial

It also used in medicine, explosives, porcelain, printing and dyeing industry, paper making and so on.

In light industry, it can be used for the production of yeast, monosodium glutamate, and

act as the stabilizer of Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate in the toothpaste producing process.

In the leather-making industry, it can be used as filling agent to improve the heat resistance.

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