2018 Chinese top 100 pesticide companies released! Seek supply support with them at 2018 CPEW

- Jun 06, 2018-

Recently, the list of the 2018 China top 100 pesticide technical companies was unveiled by the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA). The list was based on the sales of year 2017 of participating companies.


In 2017, under the supply-side structural reform and the normalization of environmental protection inspections, Chinese pesticide industry underwent polarization. The production and performance of the dominant enterprises have been greatly improved.

Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. won the first rank with 22.06 billion yuan in sales. It is the first Chinese company whose sales of pesticides business exceed 10 billion. This is due to the significant increase in sales that resulted from the consolidation of sales after the acquisition of ADAMA in 2017.